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Coldfusion 9 Cumulative Hot Fix 1 broke all my Mach-II apps


It seems like Coldfusion 9 Cumulative Hot Fix 1 broke all my Mach-ii apps! Spent a day trying to debug everything rolling back my changes,
updating Mach-II etc. just to find out it was the hot fix!

Was getting all kind of weird errors on dependency injection from coldspring. I use CF ORM as well.

I'm glad I did the update only on my local machine. 

Any one else seen it? All is well now that I removed the hot fix...


This has been verified by Adobe (Bug # 82621). Here is the response from one of Adobe Engineer:

"Engineering was able to reproduce the issue you have reported and found that this issue is same as another bug we fixed recently. Bug – 82504. This bug is also caused because of regression with CHF  1. We are planning to release this bug fix along with CHF 2"

Keywords: No Parent error, CHF 1