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Slatwall: Open source eCommerce solution


I'm really excited to announce the release of V1 of our open source eCommerce solution called "Slatwall". It's a platform designed to seamlessly plug into Mura CMS and give an organization a complete eCommerce solution with enterprise level features and ultimate flexibility. Even though currently Slatwall is only available as a plugin for Mura CMS, we plan to release another version soon, that can be plugged into other systems as well. 

I have been developing custom eCommerce solutions for over a decade now and have gone over buy vs build discussion with clients many times. I strongly believe that a solution should mold according to the business requirement and not the other way around. Many a times we see companies molding their business requirement just to "fit" into the over-the-self solutions. So, about an year back, here at ten24, when we embarked upon creating an open source eCommerce solution, it wasn't an easy job, because we didn't wanted to compromise any of the flexibility of a custom application. But, at the same time we saw a bigger need, because we saw lot of our clients (past and present) suffering because of proprietary system or some crappy big name "enterprise" system. 

Around this time, we luckily came across Greg Moser, who was also trying to achieve the same goal as us. We had the exact same thought process and requirement and the relationship was a perfect match from get go. Greg was already working on the solution he named "Slatwall". It was running in production, but was build around requirements of another system. So, we tore it down and rebuilt it from ground up. I'm really proud of the result and what ten24 team has been able to accomplish with Greg's help. 

Slatwall is still in it's infancy, but it's unbelievably flexible and customizable system. And, it's completely free. So, I certainly hope you give it a spin. 

And don't be shy! If you have an opinion or would like to see certain feature, just drop a note.