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I'm blogging now!


So, here I'm. Finally ready to blog. In the past years I have taken so much from the community that I think now it's time to give back a little. 

First off all, many thanks to all those who take the time and effort to blog about their experiences and knowledge for others to learn from. You have saved me many hours of frustrations over the years. And you are the ones who inspired me to start bloging, so others can learn from my experiences. Also, thanks to Brian Rinaldi for pushing me to get my blog out.

I don't claim to be an expert on anything I will be writing about. I will be merely sharing my experiences. I will however try to provide quality content so that my readers as well as I, benefit from the discussion and the feedback provided by others.

I will mostly be writing on topics related to (but not limited to) ColdFusion, Flex, SQL, JavaScript, AJAX, Automation etc.

And so it begins...