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My name is Sumit Verma. I'm a husband and dad. I live in greater Boston area.

I'm co-owner of ten24, LLC, a Boston based web solutions provider. At ten24, we help companies overcome their web centric business challenges by providing a single source solution for web strategy, development and design. 

For the past 10 years I have been working on technologies related to web development such as, ColdFusion, Flex, Ajax. Prior to that, I have worked on development and implementation of ERP Applications, CRM Applications, Client/Server Solutions, System Analysis & Architecture, Data Base Designing and Administration. Here are some of the pogramming languages, systems and databases I have worked on so far: C, C++, COBOL, ColdFusion, PeopleSoft , Siebel, Visual Basic, Oracle and MS SQL Server.

I hold a graduate degree in Computer Science from University of Pune, India.

About this Blog

This blog is a collection of my experiences and "real life" challenges that I face in the area of web development. It's a place for me to dump my thoughts and invite healthy discussion, so, I can learn and others benefit from it as well.
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