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So, after successfully testing CF 9.0.1 on the dev server for 2 weeks today I decided to update the production servers. Upgrade on development server was without any hickups, so I was expecting the same on production. Well, I should know better.

After the update I started getting a database error:

"macromedia.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerLicense cannot be cast to macromedia.jdbc.sqlserverbase.BaseLicense".

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So, it's great to have mappedsuperclass implementation in CF 9.0.1, but it's certainly half baked. Earlier I posted about issues related to DDL creation with mappedsuperclass and one-to-one relationship.  Once I got past that one, I stumbled upon another issue. If the persistent component doesn't have any properties then the methods of mappedsuperclass are not returned in the metadata (as top level struct).

So, in my previous example I had:


ExtraData.cfc (persistent, no property, extends ExtraDataBase)

ExtraDataBase.cfc (mappedsuperclass)

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ORM drove me nuts today. After hrs and hrs of frustation, finally I was able to find the issue. It seems to be an error with use of one-to-one relationship with mappedsuperclass. Consider this simple example:



component persistent="true" {
property name="dataID" ormtype="int" fieldtype="id" generator="identity" unsavedvalue="0" default="0" ; 
property name="extraData" fieldtype="one-to-one" cfc="ExtraData" cascade="all"  ;



component persistent="true" extends="ExtraDataBase" {




component mappedsuperclass="true" {
property name="dataID" ormtype="int" fieldtype="id" generator="foreign" params="{property='data'}" ;
property name="data" fieldtype="one-to-one" cfc="Data" constrained="true"  ;
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Few months back I found a bug in ORMExecuteQuery(), which I forgot to report. I think I mentioned on the ORM google group. Basically, in ORMExecuteQuery() if you pass the queryOption argument then the "unique" argument is ignored and it always returns array.

It wasn't a big deal before, but now with multiple datasource, it's an issue because the datasource is passed in the queryOption argument. So, if you pass the datasource, you will never get a unique object back. 

Once I report the issue I will update the post with Bug#.


Adobe has verified the bug and it is targeted for CF 10 Alpha 1

Bug# 83620


We are running CF 9 on Win 2008. We were having issues with our server crashing every few days. We would see ColdFusion become unresponsive, stops processing requests and CPU Spike up and stay busy at above 50%. Normal CPU usage are around 10%. I have another instance of ColdFusion running on that server and that stays up and responsive when the other goes down. So, that eliminated any server/network related issue.

Looking at application and exception log I couldn't find any issue. Running SeeFusion and Fusion Reactor didn't reveal anything either. 

Then finally, when looking at the ColdFusion server logs here is what I found:

"java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space".

Many of these error at the time of crash! After doing some Google'ing, I found this article which confirmed the issue we were having.

I changed the -XX:MaxPermSize to 512m. Default JVM setting for MaxPermSize is 192m. 

Happy to report that server has been up for 4 days. So, if you are running application that uses any kind of framework that creates lot of class files, make sure you set MaxPermSize appropriately.

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